Kaleidoscope Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Dreaming Amidst Thorns

Venue 40: The Quaker Meeting House
Dates: August 14-19 • Time: 18.30 (19.45)

Tickets: £8 (£6 concessions)
from edfringe.com (on sale now) or
Venue Box Office: 0131 226 4392 (from 7 August)

A mysterious baby is left alone in the Forest of the Winter Moon & a new story is born. The child’s one joy, as she grows up, is the now & then appearance of a nightingale whom she comes to love beyond all telling.

Then, one day, the nightingale comes no more. The girl sets out to discover who she is & soon encounters the enigmatic Ancient Forester who tells her to ”follow the way between the stars.” She comes across sad & lost children wandering through a fragmented & fragile faerie tale realm in search of home & so it is that these questors venture deep into the wood to learn of truth, unity & compassion.

The sinister, self-centred & soul-less Swelterdoar, meanwhile, emerges from dark shadows to destroy, divide & deny universal truths. In exploiting & endangering the world he becomes an ever-present peril.

Entering into an enchanted realm of glistening forest firs, briar rose bowers, sacred groves, star-dusted skies, sleeping maidens & spinning wheels, Dreaming Amidst Thorns strives to keep alive the questioning spirit & utopian quest for a better world.

Touching upon stolen lives & stories in a fast disappearing natural world this original play, beautiful in its simplicity, interweaves mesmerising mime, music, dance, drama & voice to entertain, enlighten & enchant everyone who cares deeply about our world.